Garden Maintenance Program

How does our Garden Maintenance program work?

Our maintenance program is designed to ensure that your garden flourishes and Pepo prides itself on providing respectful horticultural care and development.

We carefully tailor a plan in consultation with our clients to ensure we achieve the best results for you and your surrounds.



Mother Nature will always deliver a range of variations which is why each garden is different and requires individual nurturing. Aspects such as sunlight, moisture and the earth’s natural pH levels combine to create mini ecosystems in every garden, large and small.

During our initial phone conversation we take the time to review your specific needs. One of our specialists will record your contact details and location as a starting point, initiating the process of understanding your particular maintenance requirements.



Whether your garden has been designed and installed by us, or you are engaging Pepo Botanic Design for the first time, we will meet with you face to face to consider your specific requirements together.

During this on-site consultation, our experienced Horticulture Manager will discuss your location, size of the space, the maturity and type of plants and any specific problems you may be experiencing.

The health of your plants and type of soil are examined closely and this meeting can take up to an hour. Pruning options are also discussed as well as your particular garden conditions.



Once our Horticulture Manager has assessed your needs, we determine the amount of time that will be necessary to provide essential ongoing care for your garden.

We also determine what elements are required, including plants and soil improvers such as fertiliser and mulch, to ensure your garden is well nurtured and invigorated.

A written Maintenance Program is available at this stage, on request.



Pepo strives to make sure your garden is looking its best. Our regular visits give you peace of mind, knowing your outdoor space is in the capable hands of professionals.

We will always call to confirm your scheduled booking before we arrive and one-off visits are also welcome, if you prefer. Clients are under no obligation to sign a contract and this flexibility allows you the freedom to change or cancel your bookings by contacting our office.

We understand diversity is important and our experienced team is available to continually evaluate your garden to ensure your program meets your specific needs and vision, as it may evolve.

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