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What is the Garden Development Process?

Reinvigorating an existing garden is a rewarding endeavour and Pepo’s horticultural and design experts are renowned for their creativity and beautiful results.

We work together with you through the following process to realise your vision.



We begin by discussing your personal aspirations for your existing garden. You may require new pots, features, planting or design options and have a particular vision, based on your budget and how you wish to use the space.

A fee proposal will be drawn up after this meeting, depending on the size and scope of your project. The package will include pictures of the selected plants and materials and in some instances, sketches and a planting plan.



Once we have prepared your Garden Development Package, we will meet with you to present the concepts and discuss the plants and materials we have chosen.

A member of our specialist team will ensure that your intentions are faithfully realized and that your garden takes shape just as you wish. Once you are happy with the plans, we will provide a quote for the installation.



Now the groundwork is complete, the practical process of making your dream a reality begins. Known for the highest standards of workmanship, our installation team begins to evolve your custom-made garden.

Additionally, our Botanic Design Team manages every detail of the project and visits the site regularly during the creation phase to ensure your design intent is fulfilled.



Gardens developed by Pepo can be maintained by our horticulturists and you have the option to implement garden improvements all at once, or in stages.

Your outdoor space will thrive and each plant will receive the essential nutrients, pruning and care it needs, resulting in a symphony of greenery that you can enjoy all year round.

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