Paddington Courtyard

This peaceful courtyard garden in Paddington is a place of retreat, used daily for dining and entertaining in the warmer months. In conjunction with a renovation of the house, Pepo Botanic Design was engaged to redevelop the formerly tired garden and bring a fresher, more contemporary feel to the space. The existing layout of the courtyard was functional so we worked within this framework, selecting a new plant palette that was fresh and cat-friendly while introducing layering, contrast and colour to the space.

A stunning Acer palmatum (Japanese maple) is a standout feature among the new planting, emerging from a corner bed of Ligularia dentata reniformis (tractor seat plant) and Doodia aspera (prickly rasp fern). Alongside it, a handcrafted Mr & Mrs Munro hardwood bench is contrasted with sculpted balls of Buxus microphylla japonica (Japanese box) and a mass of Viola hederacea (native violet), offering a satisfying array of shapes and textures.

Liquidambar ‘slender silhouette’ (slender silhouette liquidambar) trees introduce height to the planting along the boundary fences with delicate Muehlenbeckia complexa (maidenhair vine) woven into a series of wire trellises behind them. Beyond the fence, Neomarica gracilis (Brazilian walking iris) screens a large, concrete retaining wall and provides a wall of green when viewed from the house.

With an elegant outdoor dining set and Robert Plumb planters framing the entrance to the living room, this courtyard garden offers a contemporary and stylish oasis in the heart of Paddington.



Garden Development
Nicola Cameron, Josh Arkey

Garden Installation & Maintenance
Pepo Botanic Design

Nick Bowers