The sweeping plains and surrounding valleys provided the perfect inspiration for this spacious design near Orange, in country New South Wales.

Given the region’s varying climate, Pepo selected and installed versatile deciduous trees around the house, allowing for the warmth of the sunlight in the winter and protection of shade in the summer. Splashes of colour burst from the flower beds which artfully incorporate a kaleidoscope of textures, shape and edibility.

Beautiful stone from the site was skillfully integrated into landings, walls and secret paths creating a wonderland for the owner’s grandchildren to explore. Vibrant planting abounds in sweeps and masses, especially selected for its ability to establish quickly and adapt to the climatic conditions.


What the client says

“Nicola collaborated with a local artist to craft both the architecture of our home and garden. She has brought a deep understanding of this landscape and given us a place that is both functional and inspiring.”



Garden Design
Nicola Cameron