A considered and eclectic mix of native plants lure visitors along an elevated concrete pathway towards the entrance of this coastal home. Cycads and Leucadendrons add a sculptural accent and the strong vertical form of Corymbia citriodora ‘Scentuous’ complements the garden’s breezy nature.

Given the property’s natural slope, terracing has been installed to create crisp  definition and embellish the pool area, at the rear of the garden. Extra depth is created through deliberate planting that runs to the boundary and the specific use of Waterhousea and Viburnum.

Natural and recycled materials ensure this beach-side oasis nestles comfortably within the space. Thoughtful design has created a relaxing atmosphere and effortless connection with the surrounds.



Project Designer
Nicola Cameron

Trade A Management, realBUILDING

Garden Installation & Maintenance
Pepo Botanic Design

Nick Bowers