Gordons Bay

Inspired by sweeping lines synonymous with Art Deco architecture, this home stands like a gleaming sentinel proudly overlooking the expansive coastline in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs.

To complement its sleek and stylised features, the Pepo design team began by selecting plants that offset the hard surfaces of the building, without detracting from its features.

Sculptural forms and gentle layering governed the plant selection. The Opuntia ‘Burbank Spineless’ and Santolina chamaecypariss were especially chosen for their distinctive form and shape. Meanwhile, the tonal vision was brought to life by bursts of pink Carpobrotus glaucescens, dotted among the greenery.

Quite, secluded nooks and open spaces are harmonised to provide continuity, style and character. Seating in the front garden beckons the family of four and their dog to enjoy the sun and linger. It’s a place where they can sit and enjoy the ocean views, while relaxing in their very own private paradise.

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Garden Development
Angus Munro, Josh Arkey

Garden Installation & Maintenance
Pepo Botanic Design

Nick Bowers