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At Pepo, we love to read far and wide, constantly fuelling our obsession with plants, gardens, nature and ecology.

Here are the latest articles that we’ve enjoyed.


Find out what threatened plants and animals live in your electorate (and what your MP can do about it)

The Conversation

“More than 1,800 Australian plants and animals are considered at-risk of extinction, and yet protecting threatened species is almost entirely absent from the current election campaign. We’ve developed a web app, which launches today, that lets Australians learn which threatened plants and animals live in their federal electorate.”



Why Your Garden Needs Mulch (Assuming You Do It Right)

The New York Times

“Used correctly, mulch builds and improves your soil like nothing else. But don’t make these common mistakes.”



Hot Tips: Planting, Transplanting and Dividing Plants

Wonderground Press

“There is joy in the simple act of getting your hands in the ground and planting; satisfaction in having garden gaps filled; thrill in anticipating new growth and flourishing in the seasons to come.”