Elizabeth Bay

This was a pro bono project for the Pepo design team. Rob Caslick (our client) wanted the garden on the roof top of St Canice church to be a space of connection and respite for the local asylum seeker community who have accommodation nearby. He wanted to engage the local community and to have a garden associated with the Inside Out Organic Soup Kitchen which is on the ground floor of the building. The idea was to develop programs for the greater community about food and gardening. Programs including horticultural therapy, cooking classes for single mums and gardening classes for people living without their own garden spaces were being considered. The garden was to be a communal place that provided food from different cultures used for education but most of all it had to be a place that could be shared and where people felt safe and nurtured.

Since the installation of the garden the interest in events and the services it provides has blossomed! Very quickly the garden and its community connection has become a talking point in the local area and the programs that were discussed in the initial brief have been very supported.

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